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Founded in 2022, Modern Story Event Co is a family owned and operated business and it is our mission to bring inspiration and celebration to all of life's moments .

You are the hero in your story and we aim to tell the tale of how you prevailed.

Meet our team as they share their stories.

The going got tough and you kept going!

Meet Danielle
The Rainbow Mama On A Wellness Journey

Danielle believes in celebrating all facets of life, both big and small. Recently she became a Rainbow Mama after suffering a painful miscarriage. Postpartum anxiety struck hard at the height of the pandemic and she celebrates total healing from very tough moments in time. To help with her postpartum anxiety, Danielle embarked on a wellness journey and focused on nutrition and fitness. She has since celebrated weight loss, a rainbow baby and even got married in Hawaii! Danielle lives by the mantra, "Be grateful for every second of every day you get to spend time with the people you love. Life is so precious." She loves all things design and is here to decorate the perfect vibe for your party! Now, who's ready to celebrate?

We believe

We rise when we are connected

The most important investment you'll ever make is the one that moves you forward.

Meet Karis
Quitting All Things Toxic

What is the next right step? That's the question Karis is always asking herself. A proud plant mom, Karis enjoys learning about plants and the environments they thrive in. She's taken her learnings and started applying them to her life. She is focused on pursuing relationships and projects that allow her to channel her passions, align with her values and create an environment in which she can thrive. She's quitting all things toxic and hopes you are courageous enough to say yes to chasing your dreams, deepening relationships, making memories and letting go of anything (or anyone) trying to hold you back! Always the hype woman, she's here to bring your story to life in the details of your party.

we believe

Time slows when we make memories

Business Women and Mom of 7 - Need We Say More?

Meet Marcy
Nevertheless She Persisted

22 years ago Marcy's husband passed away unexpectedly leaving her with 7 children between the ages of 15 months and 15 years old. She was a stay at home mom that suddenly was faced with the need to return to work to provide for her family. With the favor of God, Marcy's past work experience in technology and her determination to make it, she prevailed and you can too! Today, Marcy celebrates all 7 of her children graduating high school AND college - landing their dream jobs! She's also celebrating her own career success as a Technology Manager. Cheers!

we believe you should

Leave no accomplishment uncelebrated

Meet Kash Celebrating Anything That Gets You Grinning

Keziah believes everyday is a gift and should be celebrated. She spent her childhood in and out of the hospitals overcoming many health diagnoses and everyday life's challenges. She enjoys the little things with celebrating life like being there for people's triumphs. Keziah is her own hero and lives to tell her story to the world.

Your Story Matters To Us

We are so excited to help celebrate your day! Whether it's celebrating a milestone, triumphant venture or just to spend time with your favorite people on earth we are hear to make your event a meaningful, reflective and fun time!