Team Updates & News

Team Retro of the BeautyBoost BFF

Oh, baby, let me tell you all about our recent BFF event! It was a blast and we've got so much to share. FLORAL DISPLAYS - People are still raving about our floral displays, and I can't say I blame them. They really resonated and got everyone excited. We're definitely going to keep that momentum going! NEXT STEPS - We've got to work on pricing for our rentals and get that page up online. We're also excited to share more about our background and why we do what we do. People are loving hearing those stories, and we're all about giving the people what they want. FLOWER BAR - The flower bar was a hit, y'all! We're going to be working on branding it even more with cards and cute sentiments. We also need to source more buckets that can hold a bigger variety of stems. We're thinking of implementing a stem system where each stem is priced at a dollar amount and the customer can pick their own blooms to create a bouquet that we wrap up for them. Or maybe even a bundle deal, where they can get a set bouquet price for a certain number of stems. CLASSES - So many people asked about floral arrangement classes, and it's something that's been on our hearts for a while now. We're super excited that the customer is literally asking us for them! We're thinking about connecting with the fairy hair girl about Cohatch, a monthly rental space. We're also thinking of other bigger bonus ideas, like a storage area for all our goodies. And how many classes would we want to offer per month? The possibilities are endless, baby! CONNECTIONS - We made so many connections at this event for further events! We're already planning on connecting ASAP. OPPORTUNITIES - We did notice that customers are still a little hesitant about picnic costs. We've tried different approaches, like breaking down the per person cost and the cost per picnic. But why is the cost per person different? Maybe we should try an approach where we talk about the rental fee per person. From talking to people at many events, most people budget about $150 for date nights a month, which is roughly $75 per person. Our picnics sit at $125 per person for a date night, and that's without food, desserts, and all the other goodies. We don't know the right answer, but it could be a good test. We're thinking about taking ourselves on some picnics this season for marketing purposes and just to enjoy, too. Overall, we had such an amazing time at the BFF event! Our DIY floral station was a hit and we can't wait to keep making our displays better and better. We're thinking about creating a recap form, too. Stay tuned for more, baby!